Bike, Run, Walk and Eat in Creve Coeur Park in Maryland Heights!

Summer Salad at the Creve Coeur Lakehouse

As the Spring weather breaks, you might start to get the itch to get outdoors. Creve Coeur Park near Pheasant Run Apartments has many great trails for biking, hiking, running or walking. In addition to the beautiful lake, there are breathtaking cliffs and an abundance of wooded beauty. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a lovely 2.6 mile walk … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Summer Music Festivals


If you are going to a music festival this summer, we put together some tips for making the most of your experience from outdoor venue veterans.  If you prefer just taking in one band at a time, check out this list of free concerts in St. Louis this summer. The City of Maryland Heights Cultural Arts Commission also hosts a series of FREE outdoor concerts, … [Read more...]

How to Start a Collection of Accessories for Your Apartment

How to Start a Collection of Accessories for Your Apartment

Collecting can be a lot of fun, as most collectors can tell you. It can also be dangerous, though, as once you start you'll often end up collecting, well, everything. Here are a few suggestions for starting a collection. Focus on a style: Although you can get away with some amount of eclectic tastes, you will need to choose an overall style to give … [Read more...]

This Turkey Club Ain’t No Sandwich!

Try this "Turkey Club" on for size!

The 99 Hops House at the Hollywood Casino in Maryland Heights is less than 10 minutes from Pheasant Run Apartments. If you are looking for something fun and new to try for dinner, check them out. They really do have “99 bottles of beer on the wall”. Well, they have a beer menu on their wall consisting of 99 different brews to satisfy your beer craving … [Read more...]

5 Great Ideas for Your Balcony Garden

Great Ideas for Your Balcony Garden

One of the greatest advantages of renting one of our Maryland Heights MO apartments is the ability to make a small personal garden. Here are some tips to enhance your balcony garden at one of our Pheasant Run apartments. Experience the Exotic: Get a potted palm or two, or even a small banana tree for your balcony. If the railing is strong enough, … [Read more...]